OwnFone connects your child with the most important people in their life – and that's it.

OwnFone is a brand new design of phone that connects your child with the people they need and that's it! It's the perfect starter phone for kids.


To make a call on an OwnFone all you have to do is press a name. You can have up to twelve names on your OwnFone and it recieves calls too. There's no text or internet - just good old-fashioned voice calls and you decide who the phone can call. Peace of mind for you and a first phone for your child.


With a compact, screen-free design, OwnFone is easy for small hands to use and tough enough to survive bumps and scrapes. It's also super lightweight and perfect for children to carry or wear when they're playing outside, walking to school or sleeping over with friends. OwnFone is delivered pre-programmed and ready to use straight out of the box. So there’s no fiddly set up - simple!


The absence of internet and sms will keep your child safe from mobile cyber-bullying.


At what age should kids get a mobile phone?

Now that OwnFone is here its safe for children as young as 5 years of age to have their own mobile phone.





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