Hi and welcome to OwnFone.


We're a new and very different type of mobile company. We believe in the importance of simplicity and good design, and want to bring some balance back to a world where complex smartphones dominate the market place. 


We've gone back to the drawing board and worked hard to develop a mobile phone that can truly be called easy to use.


The secret to the simplicity of our phones is that you design them. In other words every OwnFone is personalised to suit the needs of it's user; whether it's a child that just needs to call Mum and Dad, or an elderly person that speaks to his wife, son and carer on a daily basis, and needs an emergency '000' button just in case.


It's a simple cell phone for kids that just does what you need and nothing more. 


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Not a week goes without fresh reports of the perils of smartphone use for Australian children. These highlight a range of dangers including:


  • Access to inappropriate web content;
  • Unintended charges from in app purchases;
  • Cyber bullying;


A major question that parents face these days is "at what age is it safe to get my child a phone". At OwnFone we believe that just because children can drive a smartphone, it doesn't mean this is the best choice for our children. More particularly, we believe parents need to have the choice.


OwnFone provides parents with piece of mind, knowing that they can keep in touch simply and easily without having to expose their kids to the risks that come with their child owning a smart phone. Running late for a school pick up, missing the school bus and other day to day challenges can easily be addressed with an OwnFone for minimal cost and no long term agreements.


It's a phone that just does what you need and nothing more.


When should kids get a cell phone?


Now that Ownfone is here its safe for kids as young as 5 years of age to have their own mobile phone.


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OwnFone is perfect for people looking for a simple, incredibly easy to use mobile handset without all the fuss of apps, pin codes, software updates and screens which can be impossible to read outdoors. 


Small and fiddly buttons are also a thing of the last with OwnFone. Our mobile phone is designed to increase name printing size with fewer, big buttons making it easier to operate without having to have your reading glasses on. And of course you can choose to have pictures in place of names on your buttons if you prefer.


Regardless of your age, we want people to love their OwnFone, so along with the customisable keypad, you decide how your OwnFone looks and pick from a range of colours and designs that are growing all the time. 


When you're happy with the design of your OwnFone, we make it for you and deliver ready-to-use in around a week; keeping the whole OwnFone experience as simple as possible. 


We hope you like this fresh approach to mobile phones and find beauty in the simpler things in life, like we do!


Ownfone is the best mobile phone for elderly people in Australia.


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