“I bought this phone for my six year old daughter and we both think it's great - easy to use and can be knocked around without the worry that it's going to break. She's at the age now where some of the play dates and parties she's going to are 'drop and go', so it gives us both peace of mind that she can contact me any time. She's also loving the independence of being able to make and receive calls from her grandparents whenever she likes."  


Anita Commander (Coogee NSW )  - 26/04/15


“My 9 year old daughter has had her OwnFone for a couple of months now. I moved her to a new school which unfortunately is a 40 minute bus ride away. It was nervewracking putting her on a bus for that amount of time. The OwnFone gives both her and me peace of mind that she can contact me if there are any problems. Leopard print is so in at the moment so she loved the ability to personalise the phone. The service has been excellent. We decided to change a phone number and the team at OwnFone were quick to respond to the need and had the new phone to us within days. An excellent product which really gives all the benefits of having a mobile phone with none of the associated risks.."  


J Burner (Burleigh QLD )  - 26/03/15


“Both my 7 year old and 5 year old sons have an OwnFone. They love it! Both boys had no trouble being able to pick up and operate their OwnFone straight away. We went with the option of personalised photos for each of the nominated contacts. So all the boys have to do is hit the button that has a picture of the person they wish to call and they are away. I love that I don't have to second guess what they are using their phone for and that I have the peace of mind to know that the boys can use their OwnFones to call the important people in their life. This works great on play dates and also for after school sport. My 7 year old was able to call me last week to let me know that soccer training had been cancelled and that he would need to be collected earlier. We have found both phones to be sturdy and durable. The design is great. The boys had a great time choosing their own design for the phone. Also the customer service has been excellent, not just at the time of purchase but in dealing with all follow up queries. The OwnFone is a great product for children."  


Trudi Carter (Noraville NSW )  - 20/02/15


“Both my boys loved the design process for the OwnFone. They loved being able to choose their own backgrounds and that they could upload photos for the buttons. The OwnFone is so straightforward and easy to use. The boys think it is so cool, and so do all their friends."  


Jade Pascoe (Burleigh QLD) has two boys, Finn and Will  - 02/01/15


“It's awesome. I like how you can use your own design. I can make my phone unique to me. I like being able to call my parents if I need them. It's really easy to use, all you have to do is turn it on and press a button." 


Abbey Armour - 12 years


“One very very excited little girl when she saw the phone. She thought it was very cool and was very keen to use it. She could work it very easily after one simple explanation from me (she struggles to use the normal mobile phone her brother uses).”


Nicola Skinner has an 8 year old girl



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