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23 July 2014 - World's first braille mobile phone launches in Australia


9 April 2014 - Australia's simplest & only customisable mobile phone launched


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Braille Launch Audio - Brad Scoble - Director OwnFone Australia


(Click on questions below for audio files of responses)


1) Can you briefly describe this new phone, and how many Australians could potentially benefit?


2) What is significant about this new mobile phone (world first?)


3) How has the push towards smartphones left many people behind, including those with a visual impairment?


4) What are some of the other aspects of this phone that would be appealing for those with Vision loss?


5) Can you briefly recap the idea behind this phone, and how it could help local residents with severe vision loss or blindness?



General Launch Audio - Cyber Safety Lady - Leonie Smith


1) Can you start by telling us how many kids currently use a mobile phone, and some of the risk associated with that (especially smartphones)?  


2) Why do you think the simplicity of OwnFone will be a welcome choice for parents?


3) What are some of the other risks this could help avoid?


4) Why do you think the simplicity of OwnFone will be a welcome choice for local parents, especially from a cyber security perspective?


General Launch Audio - Brad Scoble - Director OwnFone Australia


1) Can you briefly outline some of the problems with smartphones, and why they are over and above what most people need (especially kids?)


2) What are some of the most common reasons a child might need a mobile phone, and why is a smartphone completely unnecessary for that purpose?


3) Who is driving this push towards smartphones, and why is it limiting choice and causing frustration for many people?


4) What reservations do seniors have about smarphones, and why do they also need a far simplier option?


5) Can you briefly recap your concerns about smartphones, and why local parents would prefer a far simpler option to stay in contact with their kids?



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