Kompare Tech Australia Pty Ltd trading as Ownfone (ABN 19 162 221 721) ("we" or "us") is committed to providing the highest level of service, which includes the handling of complaints. We take complaints very seriously, and assure you that any matter you raise will be handled according to this Complaint Handling Policy.


Nothing in this policy limits or detracts from your rights under the Telecommunications Act, the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or any other laws. You do not have to follow the complaint handling procedures in this policy. You are always free to take independent action to enforce your rights. Nevertheless we will do everything reasonably possible to provide a quick and effective resolution of your concerns and difficulties. In doing so, we are subject to the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code and we will meet our obligations under that Code when dealing with your complaint.


Making and lodging a complaint


If you wish to make a complaint to us, you can contact our Customer Service by:

  1. telephone: 1300 696 363;
  2. email: support@ownfone.com.au; or
  3. post: PO Box 4080 Castlecrag, NSW 2068.


Please note that the complainant must be an authorised contact on the customer account. However you can make a complaint through an Authorised Representative (a person you have appointed and delegated to deal with us, on your behalf, with some authority over your account) or an Advocate (a person you have appointed to deal with us, on your behalf, but without any authority over your account).


Handling a complaint


Upon receiving a verbal or written complaint, we will acknowledge your matter in writing within 3 business days. You will be provided with the name and contact details of our staff member who will personally deal with your complaint. You will also receive a unique case reference number that you can use to identify the complaint in later contact with us.


Please note that to efficiently investigate a complaint, we may be required to communicate the details, nature and the personal information surrounding your complaint to related suppliers, regulators and authorities in line with our Privacy Policy.


We aim to resolve all complaints within 10 business days of receiving notice. If your complaint is not resolved within that period, you will receive a response in writing with a proposed course of action and where appropriate notification of the outcome of any inquiries.


A complaint is resolved when it is brought to a conclusion in accordance with the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code (whether or not in your favour).


When we propose a 'resolution' to you, we are suggesting how to solve your complaint. We are not required to action that proposed resolution unless and until you accept it. If you do accept our proposed resolution, we are allowed a period of time to action it. When your complaint is resolved, we must advise you accordingly.


We will action an agreed resolution within ten working days unless: (a) we agree otherwise with you; or (b) you have not done something that is necessary for us to do our part.


Urgent Complaints


A complaint you make is treated as urgent if:

  1. you have applied for or have been accepted as being in financial hardship under our Financial Hardship Policy and the subject matter of your complaint can reasonably be presumed to directly contribute to or aggravate your financial hardship; or
  2. disconnection of a service is imminent or has occurred and where due process has not been followed; or
  3. you are a Priority Assistance Customer (under the Priority Assistance for Life Threatening Medical Conditions Code) and the complaint relates to the service for which you receive Priority Assistance.


Our Customer Support staff are trained to watch for these factors and must flag a complaint as urgent if any of them are seen to apply. After that, the complaint will be managed as follows:


Within two working days of acknowledging your urgent complaint, we will either propose a resolution or advise you why there will be a delay and how long it is likely to be. If you accept a resolution that we propose, we will action the urgent aspects of it within those two working days if possible.


Escalation Process


If you are not satisfied by our initial response to a complaint, you may contact our Customer Service Manager, who will provide an independent review and report of your complaint and an additional point of contact with you.


In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint and our internal efforts to resolve your complaint, you may contact:

  • the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) - www.tio.com.au;
  • the Office of Fair Trading in Your State or Territory - visit your State or Territory consumer website;
  • for Australian Consumer Law matters, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) - www.accc.gov.au;
  • for Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code matters, the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) - www.acma.gov.au;
  • for privacy issues, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) - www.oaic.gov.au.


Changes to this Policy


We may make changes to this Complaint Handling Policy from time to time. The latest version of this policy will always be published on our website at www.ownfone.com.au



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