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best mobile phones for kids Australia
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best mobile phone for kids

The safest simplest kids starter phone!

Choose from 2 types of phones

Word Phone

kids mobile phone
Call up to 12
speed-dial numbers

Picture Phone

seniors mobile phone
Call up to 12
speed-dial numbers

Full Keypad

mobile phone seniors   mobile phone seniors back
Call any phone number
+ up to 12 speed-dial numbers

A first phone for your child


OwnFone is the little starter phone that let's your child talk to the people they need to and that's it! Peace of mind for you and a safe, easy to use first phone for your child.


kids starter mobile phones

A starter phone for kids with lots to offer


OwnFone is the world's simplest starter phone but that's not all! OwnFone has many innovative features that make it a great first phone for your child.


No Text or Internet

Ensure your child is safe from cyber bullying on their mobile phone. OwnFone only allows good old fashioned voice calls. Young kids should have a phone, but they definitely shouldn't have a smart phone

Made for you

It's easy to design your OwnFone on this website, and once you're happy with your phone design, we'll build it for you within one week.

Easy to use

It's ready-to-use straight out of the box. There's no complicated set up or constant need for software updates.

You make phone calls by pressing a name button. You answer calls by pressing any button on the phone - so easy!

The long battery life of approximately 5 days means the OwnFone is more likely to be charged and ready to use when your child needs it most.

good starter phones for kids


Good value & Flexible

There is no need to take a long term contract with OwnFone.

We have month to month plans and also prepaid plans. Plus there are special offers with discounts of up to 25%.

Get a starter OwnFone for as little as $79.00 (plus postage). Our call plans start at just $14.95 per month (calls included).

There's no charge for inbound calls to an OwnFone.

Safe and secure

OwnFone can only call the phone numbers that you choose to pre-program into the phone. Any phone can call the OwnFone.


OwnFone comes in a variety of styles and colours. Your starter phone can have 2, 4, 8 or 12 contacts and you can even create your own design and add family photos to the phone buttons.

Easy to Manage

Our email alerts let you keep track of your prepaid or month to month call usage.

Call our Sydney based support team if you need help.


The only kids starter phone that lets you to add your own design and photos to your handset, plus we launched Australia's first Braille mobile phone.

Small and light

It's small - weighs just 40g and comes with a lanyard.

Different from the rest? You bet!!


Usage alerts

Usage alerts are sent to you by email so you can manage your spend (we don't just tell you about it later like some providers!)

Money Back Guarantee!

Seven day refund policy, so you can see if the safety phone is right for you.

Warranty & Ongoing Support

We have a 12 month replacement warranty on all starter phone handsets. And we'll also reprogram and reprint your starter phone for free (if you need it).

Flexible plans

We're the only provider of one button dialling starter phones for kids to offer both prepaid phone plans and monthly plans.

kids starter phones australia

Great Value

OwnFone mobile phones are cheaper to buy than other mobiles.

More contacts

You can have up to twelve contacts on your OwnFone - that's more than any providers.

No dropped calls

We won't end phone calls after 15 minutes and then force you to recall, like some other providers do!

Best Selling

OwnFone is Australia's best selling starter phone for kids.

Click here  to make your OwnFone now!


OwnFone is the best starter phone for children in Australia


first mobile phone for kids

kids starter cell phone or starter mobile phone?

We used to think Australian people only used the term mobile phone and that the phrase cell phone was only used by Americans. But from our research we’ve discovered that some Australians say cell phones rather than mobile phones. That’s okay by us, we don’t mind if you want to buy a starter cell phone or buy a starter mobile phone all that matters is that you’ve come to the right place to get the best starter phones available in Australia!