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Handsets customised for you start from just $79.00. You choose the design, colour and number of buttons.


Information about the service

The service provided is an OwnFone mobile plan. You must first purchase an OwnFone handset. 

OwnFone provides mobile services using the Vodafone Network. For coverage maps click hereWe want you to be completely happy with your OwnFone, so if you decide that it doesn’t suit your needs, please advise us within 7 days of receiving your OwnFone for a refund. (Please note: Refunds exclude postage and call costs.)

Postpaid Month to Month plans

Plan Included Minutes Minimum Term

Be Connected

40 1 month (Total min cost $14.95)

Connect Small

80 1 month (Total min cost $19.95)

Connect Medium

160 1 month (Total min cost $29.95)

Connect Larger

300 1 month (Total min cost $34.95)


Prepaid Plans

Plan Included Minutes Minimum Term

Prepaid 25



Until used, unused credit expires 30 days from date of purchase (Total min cost $25.00)

Prepaid 40



Until used, unused credit expires 60 days from date of purchase (Total min cost $40.00)


Special Offers

Plan Included Minutes (every month) Minimum Term

6 Month (Save 15%)

160 6 months (Total min cost $152.70)

12 Month (Save 25%)

160 12 months (Total min cost $269.40)


On expiry of the 6 or 12 month plans, the service continues on a monthly basis charged at the Connect Medium Plan rate until terminated or upgraded. 

Information about pricing

Plan Min Monthly Charge Included Minutes (every month) 2 minute calls per month
Be Connected $14.95 40 20
Connect Small $19.95 80 40
Connect Medium $29.95 160 80
Connect Larger $34.95 300 150


When the included minutes have been used in a month, additional outgoing calls are charged at 55c per minute plus GST (including part minutes). After included calls have been used, a 2 minute call will cost $1.21. All calls made in excess of the included usage are billed monthly.


Other Fees and Charges

Number Porting: We do not charge to port your number
Design Changes: Up to three changes to your handset design are available each year free of charge. (excluding postage). There is no need to return your handset.
Number Changes: Just call or email our support team for instructions. There is no charge for changes to your handset programming.
Early termination

Postpaid Month to Month and Prepaid Plans 

There are no termination fees for any month to month or prepaid service however any remaining credit cannot be refunded.


6 & 12 Month Specials

Termination fees do apply to 6 & 12 month plans (as they are offered with big discounts). If you cancel prior to the end of your 6 or 12 month agreement, you will be charged an early termination fee which is the minimum monthly cost, multipied by the number of months remaining in your agreement. 


Prepaid Recharge Rollover

For prepaid plans your remaining days and minutes will rollover when you recharge however limits do apply. It’s important to remember:

  1. Rollovers only apply for recharges prior to your credit expiry. Otherwise your unused credit is forfeited.
  2. The maximum credit balances you may hold for recharge products are 250 days or 250 unused minutes.
  3. Unused credit that expires or is lost from recharging is not refundable and cannot be carried over to another plan or product.

Note: You must recharge your OwnFone prepaid service every three months to retain your network connection.

Other Information

Usage Alerts
- Postpaid

Usage alerts are sent when you have used 50%, 85%, 100% & 150% of your included calls during each month. Alerts are sent by email to the billing contact.


Please note: Usage data is provided by the network daily, so there may be a delay between usage and the alert being triggered. Usage alerts are not available during the first month of billing.

Usage Alerts
- Prepaid

Usage alerts are sent when you have 10 days remaining, 5 days remaining and on expiry of your plan. We also send alerts when you have less than 30 and less than 15 minutes remaining so you won't be caught short. Alerts are sent by email to the billing contact and you can recharge anytime via our website.


Please note: Usage data is provided by the network daily, so there may be a delay between usage and the alert being triggered.


This is a summary only. The full terms and conditions can be found here.


We are here to help!
For further assistance or if you wish to make a complaint, please contact our Support team at 1300 OWNFNE (1300 696 363) (standard call charges apply) or

Advocates & Authorised Representatives
To appoint an advocate or authorised representative to assist in managing your OwnFone service, please click here for further information.


Complaints or disputes
If we can't resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can call the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman on 1800 062 058.
For full contact information, visit contact page


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